Living country, countries. Anywhere [Japanese] his was ...


Live in Lebanon under the civil war stare [in vain vanished life]

Living country, countries. Anywhere [Japanese] his was ... [Arab is the ephemeral world. Many lives are going to be lost in vain - that Jordan of Hussein before the king was so wrote in his autobiography. Live in the Middle East is a word that I tried was the most heart. Year and a half from Beirut, Lebanon to 0 years under the civil war, was stationed as Asahi Shimbun correspondent. In addition to civil war and the Iran Iraq war, I had the opportunity to interview in the field a traumatic event such as Iraq reactor bombing (year) by the Israeli army. Although not exhausted the memories in each, than anything, living under the civil war is still in a strong impression always was side-by-side with the [death]. In particular, the years, the devastation of Palestinian refugees massacre that occurred in Beirut suburbs of sub-Rasha Thira refugee camp, can not forget even now. Many of the bodies, but he was buried in a vacant lot of camping out, which has been used as a garbage dump, after more than 2.0 years, I've visited the place, situated a house on top of the [graves], residents the sight that are living as if nothing had happened, the chest is tightened.

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